Griff Security Systems

Are they for you?

The Griff Unit is small, compact and portable. Works in any setting, under any weather confitions and is user-friendly. No special attachments needed. Although small, this unit is guaranteed to have security capabilities equal or superior to units many times its size. It is intended as an early warning alert system that comes fully activated to respond to both visual and auditory domestic threats.

Only one Griff Unit required for any size dwelling regardless of square footage or architectural design. Other units may be added for amplification but are not essential for overall security reliability.

The Griff Unit is a stand alone device that operates automatically. No codes, switches, phone numbers or pin numbers to remember. It remains on alert 24/7. Your dwelling will be protected without worrying whether it has been turned on or not. Several models do come equipped without an “off” button but, if desired, these models may be deactivated by following a few advanced encoding steps.

The Griff Unit is programmed to detect every imaginable and perceived threat- even those invisible to the naked eye and undetected at human hearing thresold. It is the most responsive early warning system on the market today. You and your family can rest assured that the alarm system is fully armed and operational at all times.

Due to the superiority of the overall design and function of the unit, some specialized care and maintenance is required to insure maximum performance and benefits. Prospective owners are urged to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the Griff Unit prior to purchase and to deal or with distributors who are licensed and authorized to sell or distribute these units.