For your protection and ours, we contractually require ALL puppies sold to leave our care on active Pet Insurance Policies. We certainly want you to partner with whichever provider you trust or your veterinarian is familiar with, so we accept simple proof of coverage at pick-up time to satisfy this requirement.
Rest assured that if you do not have a preference, or simply do not wish to spend the time researching plans at this time, we will facilitate your enrollment into a 30-day NO COST plan for your puppy through a reputable industry-leading provider.

All puppies sold will have undergone a veterinary examination within a few days of the scheduled pick-up date.
During this visit, they will receive their first DHPP vaccination and be implanted with a microchip, which will be registered later in your name(s).
A “puppy exam reportcard” will be provided to new owners at time of pickup.