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The JOVAL Guardian Program

The JOVAL Guardian Program is for families that are looking to purchase a top quality gorgeous looking teenage/young adult Griff that was raised by us and the one we have kept for ourselves as the pick of the litter for showing and breeding purposes and for people who would willing to work with us in continuing our breeding program.

If you live “reasonably close” to our kennel … meaning within a distance you would be willing to travel to occasionally deliver the dog for breeding service(s)… here’s how it works.

    • We would enter into a specialized guardian “sales” contract, and once executed, the dog would be living with you, in your household and will be a full-fledged member of your family.
    • As active members of our breeding program, for a period of time we would necessarily remain the technical “owner” of the dog, however the microchip would be linked to you at your address.
      • During this period, we would occasionally need to have the dog perform their duty as part of the breeding program…
      • Males would need to occasionally come back to us for collections and breedings and/or be presented to a more near-by Vet for collections.
    • Females would need to come back to us a specified number of times for testing, breeding and subsequent whelping of puppies.
    • All of the breeding activities will be done at our cost and the only commitment from you is Your Time to reasonably and timely make the dog available for service(s).
    • Once the dog has completed their career of breeding service, and after they are spayed or neutered, we will sign-off our ownership on the dog, and they will then live out the rest of their life – permanently owned by you and residing in your home.

Males and Females offered for sale in this program are all raised in our home, crate-trained and house-broken. Some may have already achieved their Championship Titles, others may be of that quality, but never were shown. Some dogs we would want to show in the future towards their championship. In either case, they are well-behaved and ready to join a loving family.

The JOVAL Guardian Program is a Sales Agreement under very special terms… and the cost of the dog is reduced slightly with the appreciation of the family’s assistance with our breeding program and we cover the cost of vaccinations/bloodwork or heartworm testing when they are with us.

Interested parties should complete a puppy questionnaire
and indicate your interest in the program.