Q & A

Q. Does JOVAL take credit cards?

A. For Payments …No, JOVAL does not. However, we can take your credit card info and hold it to secure your deposit until your check arrives. A regular (personal) check is fine for the deposit payment. We also accept PayPal (using the Friends and Family option only), but we treat this as a cash transaction with no credit card protection services. If contested it will be ruled in our favor by the card company. Cash or a Cashier’s check are required for the final balance due when you come to pick up your puppy. 

Q. How does a puppy deposit work?

A. Deposits are the way JOVAL “holds” a specific puppy in your name until it is ready to go to your home. So, if you want to guarantee that you get a puppy, submitting a deposit is the best way to go. You are welcome to pre-pay in full if you prefer.

Q. When can my puppy come home with me?

A. Typically, your puppy can leave by 12 weeks of age – but the true stipulation is the puppy can go to their forever home when they are eating on their own and are fully self-sufficient.

Q. Do you ship puppies? Can I take my puppy home with me on a plane and what are the requirements?

A. No, JOVAL does not ship Brussels Griffon puppies unaccompanied (as cargo) – you will have to come in person to pick-up your puppy. You can drive your puppy home or you can fly with him/her home – We recommend flying in Washington Dulles IAD or Reagan National DCA Airports. Yes, your puppy can fly on all air carriers that allow carry on-cabin pets. They go inside the cabin with you in a carry-on pet (Sherpa) bag. It is not allowed per our contract to check your puppy in as cargo or as checked baggage. Every air carrier has different rules and you will have to check each for specifics. Let us know if you are planning to fly and we will make arrangements to provide you with the required airplane health certificate (the cost will be 75 dollars). That will need to be done 10 days prior to flying. Every major carrier accepts pet’s in the cabin, typically the cost is $100-$125 one way.

Q. What food do you feed your puppies?

A. JOVAL feeds Fromm Small Breed Puppy dry food and K9-Kravings Raw Diet. We recommend that you don’t switch the puppy to a different brand for at least a month after you take them home and if you do switch, please do it very gradually.

Q. Do you have a written Health Guarantee?

A. Yes, we do. It will be outlined in your sales contract.
It states:

1) At the time of sale, this DOG has been examined by a veterinarian and found free of contagious diseases. The DOG’s vaccination record will be provided to the Buyer.

2) The Buyer agrees that the DOG shall receive proper medical care, administered by a qualified veterinarian, as necessary for the DOG’s health and welfare (including but not limited to annual checkups, heartworm test/preventatives and flea/tick preventative) at Buyer’s sole expense. Without limitation, Buyer shall maintain the DOG in good condition, including adherence to a regular immunization schedule, heartworm preventative, good diet, and a clean and safe environment.

3) Any genetically life threatening defect that is not correctable is guaranteed for one year from the date of sale. If this occurs the buyer is entitled to exchange the above named dog for another dog from a different litter.

4)The seller is not to be held accountable for any contagious disease that is diagnosed after three days from the date of purchase nor any condition that occurs as the result of inappetence or improper nutrition/feeding.

Q. Do Brussels Griffon shed?

A. The breed can have either a rough or smooth coat. Smooth coats do shed, rough coats do not as long as they are properly hand stripped. Each coat needs twice-weekly brushing and shaping every three months.

Q. Do We Dock Tails and Remove Dewclaws? What about Ear Cropping?

A. Yes, both procedures are performed when puppies are around 5 days old. The AKC standard indicates docked tails are preferred. In some areas of the world, docking tails is not allowed and against the law. Wikipedia has a great write up on tail docking why it was originally performed and where it is not allowed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Docking_%28dog%29. We also remove declaws so they don’t get accidentally caught or ripped off later in life during grooming or from rougher playing outside.

Ear cropping is a sole decision of the owner. Some of our dogs have beautiful small ears and we leave then natural. Other dogs might have a larger, “floppier” ear, and in those cases we crop the ears when puppies are around 4-5 months old. That procedure is performed humanely at a veterinary hospital and under general anesthesia. JOVAL only arranges, and highly recommends this procedure be performed by laser surgery, as it causes no bleeding at all and seals the nerve endings. Laser surgery minimizes the post-operative pain and discomfort associates with this procedure.