We are absolutely in love with our griff  Wickett.

He is the greatest little guy.


Hi Valeria,

I wanted to give you an update since we’ve had Atlas for just over a year now… Everything is going great and Atlas is amazing!  She’s the cutest little thing around and so much fun to play with.

Atlas aced her training class and wins friends wherever she goes.  

Thanks so much for everything!


Dear Valeria, thank you again for my wonderful girl!  She is the light of my life!  She never ceases to amaze me with her love and devotion!  She makes me laugh every day.  I can never thank you enough for entrusting her care to me.


Penny has become an incredibly special member of the family and we couldn’t be more happy!

The Best Puppy we ever had!


Bruno has made us so happy. We can’t believe how fast the bond happened. As soon as we brought him home he began to play with us, and now we feel like he has always been a part of our family. We appreciate the time you spend getting him ready for us, his potty training is outstanding. We’ve spent time with him at home and now this weekend on the boat, he is having a great time here with us. We are so happy with our Bruno. Thank you again.


It’s been a week since we got out puppy (Lucy) and I wanted to just take a minute to thank you.  

First, for the great communication and professionalism through the process.  I appreciate the time you took to send updates and answer any questions along the way. 

Second, for this amazing puppy that you created and nurtured. She is absolutely without question the best socialized puppy I have ever met.  She is smart and inquisitive, and loves everyone.  

Housetraining is going very well.  She is going outside regularly and hasn’t had a single accident in the house!  

Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to make Lucy a part of our family.  I couldn’t imagine a more perfect puppy for us!


I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful dog!  Truffle is so smart, loving, very funny and our office therapy dog!

Truffle graduated her puppy class with an A+, loves agility course and hunting for her toys!  She loves other dogs, basking in the sun and is so fun in that curious puppy stage!

Truffle’s veterinary holistic care is keeping her in the optimum of health!   


Good Afternoon! 

Archie has been such a joy…. We have been so happy since the day we picked him up! He just has the sweetest soul, and he’s a cutie! We just love him so! 

Thanks again

Steph and Kim

Hi Valeria,

Charlie is doing wonderful!!!!  She has completely adapted to the household very easily.  She’s eating good and is even going to the door(sometimes) when she need to go outside.

She loves being outside running around the yard, well as far as the leash allows. I still haven’t given her full access on her own yet. She loves to play with toys and even took over a couple that were the cats. lol

She is an absolute joy! I just love her!

Thank you again for this precious angel! She’s such a snuggle puppy.



Hope you’re having a great summer. Just wanted to send one more puppy update. Pip (Smoothie) is just a joy. She’s curious, fearless, super friendly, makes us laugh all the time, super smart, and so much fun. She has very strong opinions and is the ruler of the house. She’s super healthy and still a champion eater (loves to lurk under me while I chop vegetables). Here’s a photo from her day care. We’re so grateful for her and to you for giving us such a wonderful dog!
Hope you and your family are well and having a good summer.


Niklaus doing great. He is happy, playful and a snuggle bug!!! 


Truffle is doing great!  She is just beautiful and a real sweetie.  Part devil too!  She is very smart!

We love her!


Hi Valeria,

Samson had his vet appt. on 11/24 & got an excellent health report. He’s been such a joy in our family! He’s quickly learned various commands (i.e. sit, down, stay) & is learning the names of his toys which he retrieves when we call out their names. He’s very smart & picks things up quickly. He sleeps well through the night in his crate & eats well (4-5 small meals per day). His potty training has been going very well & has been running to our back door when he needs to relieve himself. He also gets along with people very well.

He has become a central figure in our lives as we all adore Sammy very much! Thank you for checking in on him! I hope you & your family are doing well!


I hope you and your family are doing well. Our little pup is doing great and she’s the companion of our dreams. We renamed her Bernie.

She’s a super happy dog, loves playing fetch and tug, gets excited to interact with any person she can, and is doing excellent with her housetraining and sit and stay commands.


All the best,


Hi Valeria,

Atlas has been in our home for about 5 weeks now and we are all having a blast!  She has doubled in size and very healthy according to the vet.  She loves cuddling her big sister, Rousey, and she enjoys her training sessions.  She is such a quick learner and picks up her commands right away.  House training is going well, she has learned sit and come and we are currently working on “wait”.  She is very social and loves meeting new people.  

We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy than Atlas!  Thanks so much. 


Hi Valeria

I hope you are been well! I wanted to let you know Kris is doing excellent with me here in DC – she is a real joy.

Thank you, 


Hi Valeria, she is doing very well! She’s so affectionate and sociable, just like you said, and curious and excited as opposed to fearful. We love her to pieces. Thank you very much for everything

Christina & Pumpkin


Just wanted to send some pictures of how things are going. We did change his name to Niklaus “Klaus” and he already knows it. We love him more and more everyday!!
Thank you so much for breeding such a sweet and wonderful puppy!



Just wanted to send an email with a few pics and an update. Justin is settling in well; he is very sweet and we adore him. He is learning his boundaries with the other fur babies but seems to be happy and adjusting well.

We hope you arent missing him too much!

Thank you for this great dog.

Liza and Michel

Dear Valeria,

Gimli is a wonderful dog. We love him very much. He has a great temperament. He is very affectionate. Everybody loves him, and he loves everybody. He has traveled with us to Chicago, New York City, and Washington, DC. He loves to walk long distances, as many as 3 miles per day.

Gimli’s health is very good. He is now 8.2 lbs. He has completed beginner and intermediate obedience classes and is the “teacher’s pet” in his classes. He has been a particular star of the “noseworks” class. He can find hidden treats very rapidly. He has been enrolled in advanced obedience class for January.

Thank you again for raising such a loving dog.

Warm regards,

Lori and Irwin

Hey Valeria, Mimi is doing great. Her and Nigel are inseparable and are always together playing or sleeping. She is very healthy, has a super temperament, very friendly and outgoing.


Whoopy is doing great and we’re happy to have her as part of our family!  Here are a couple of pics as well – you can see my daughter is quite happy with her.  🙂


Hi Valeria.

This is a brief note on Manny but I wanted to first thank you for entrusting this wonderful dog to us. In short we love him to death. He is everything you said he was and more. Our cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing at his antics. He has settled in here without a hitch. He sleeps all night in his crate, he’s eating everything we put down for him, he loves to play with his new toys, he loves taking walks and meeting people and his new doggie friends, he is polite and friendly with everyone, he adores Judy and follows her everywhere, and loves playing with our grandson and he pees and poops outside in the grass.

Again, he is a little gem that is bringing great delight to all of us. We’re going to start a little obedience training this coming week. Will keep you posted.


Kiwi has turned into a wonderful dog, and she brings so much joy and laughter (and so many kisses) into our lives.