Getting A Puppy

In addition to the care we take in managing our breeding program, we also ensure that ALL of our puppies are placed in an appropriate environment with a new owner that is willing to undertake the responsibility of Griffon Ownership. As part of this process, we require all prospective puppy buyers to complete our Prospective Puppy Owner Questionnaire.

Your thoughtful answers to the questions on this form help us understand what you are looking for in a dog as well as forcing you to consider some of the aspects of Griffon ownership that you may not have considered. Your answers allow us to “match-up” the right temperament pup with your expectations and your family’s lifestyle.

Please make sure that you indicate your gender or coat type preference when you complete the questionnaire so that we can plan accordingly. If you have no preference, please indicate that also, as it makes it easier to select the right puppy for you based on personality, not gender, coat or color.

After you have completed the Prospective Puppy Owner Questionnaire and we have corresponded with you to clarify any elements of your answers that may require additional follow-up, we will instruct you on the “next-steps”.

The initial “next step” would be to submit your Reservation Deposit AgreementWe ask you to read, print, sign and return via postal mail along with your Initial Reservation Deposit check. The amount of the Reservation deposit will be provided to you during discussions as this may vary from litter to litter. While you are welcome to pay the entire purchase price of the puppy IN FULL at this time, the more common practice is to pay the balance due (purchase price less the reservation deposit) at the time of pick-up, along with applicable sales taxes and associated fees.

Reservations are accepted on a first come-first served basis and your position in the litter “reservation queue” is determined by the receipt order of buyer’s Reservation Deposit Agreement. Male and female requests will be considered independently but ultimate availability is based on nature with additional consideration being given based on puppy temperament testing and evaluations performed.


but… they are TRANSFERRABLE from one litter to another.**
You will never loose your deposited money, however you may need to wait a little longer
until the “right puppy for you” is available.

** Deposit Transfer Arrangements must be made well in advance of the pick-up date (generally no less than one month prior) and must be approved by JOVAL. Approval will not be unreasonably withheld, but, as we honor our commitments to you – we expect clients to honor the commitments that are made to us as well.

About a week after the puppies have been born and determined to be healthy and thriving, a gender availability breakdown will be done and persons in the reservation queue will be notified based on number of puppies available and their order in the queue. At that time you will be asked to commit to a reasonably approximated puppy pick-up date. Your email confirmation will serve this purpose as a formal commitment.

If we have not received your commitment within a 48 hours of notification, we will put you back in the reservation queue and contact the next person in line. Please understand we MUST ensure that the pick-up arrangements are set in advance of pick-up.

If, for whatever the reason may be, “your perfect puppy” is not available from the current litter, we will put you back in the reservation queue for the next litter where you would receive Priority in the selection order for a puppy (male or female) from the next available litter. This is a lifetime commitment to the dog and we need to ensure that there is a good fit. Please understand that final number of available puppies CAN NOT be fully known nor can selections be made until after evaluations are performed. Puppies are normally allowed to leave for their new homes at approximately 12 weeks.

Every new owner is encouraged to keep us informed through emails, letters and pictures about how they and their new family member is doing. We try to include the pictures we receive in the gallery section of the website. Feel free also to read what a few of our extended Joval Family have said about their “experience” in our testimonials section.

We do not usually sell Breeding Stock, but, if you have specific interest in showing, please indicate it in your puppy questionnaire and contact us individually via e-mail to discuss your interest further.